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We supply NEW & USED Radon monitors for professional radon testing. We carry The most popular brands such as Sun Nuclear, Rad Star & E-perm

Why Choose Us?

We have been delivering the best priced NEW & USED Radon Testing & Inspection monitors from Americas #1 Online Radon Monitor Store Known for the best priced Sun Nuclear Monitors and quick shipping to leave all of our customers happy and completely satisfied. Plus we provide free shipping to all 50 states and Canada

We purchase all of our inspector's radon monitors from Discount Radon Monitors Because they have the best prices and quick shipping. If I need a monitor within 3 days they do deliver!

About Us

Brad Shockley

store owner

We saw a need for buying and selling radon monitors as the main US manufacturer of radon monitors Sun Nuclear is always on back order making it nearly impossible to get a radon monitor without waiting 2-3 months for delivery. So we have changed the game be keeping all of our inventory in stock allowing us to ship the product a day after our customers order! We but used radon monitors and then resell them at a DISCOUNTED RATE AS WELL!


We only operate online to save on expenses and pass more discounts to our customers. All monitors purchased are shipped directly from our facility in Tampa Florida

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